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Summertime Wedding Portraits at Mount Rainier

September 20, 2021

Hi! We're Anna and Trevor.

We're a fun (and maybe a little dorky) couple of elopement photographers, traveling all over the country to help people get married in the most beautiful places mother nature has to offer.

We thrive with cameras in hand, and nothing resonates with us more than the intimacy & freedom of an elopement. We get that big events and old school traditions aren't for everyone, and that's totally cool! We're all about embracing our uniqueness and throwing tradition out the window.

Get to Know Us


Piper & Dustin

For a few weeks every year, the trails at Mount Rainier National Park explode with vibrant and fragrant wildflowers of all shapes and sizes. Over a million people visit the park every summer to walk the trails through alpine meadows and catch up close views of one of Washington’s most iconic volcanos. Though, with over 260 miles of maintained trails, it’s still totally possible to find a quiet & beautifully lush elopement location if you know where (& when) to go.

Dustin & Piper were actually my neighbors wayyyy back when we both lived in Pennsylvania. I was absolutely honored to be able to experience this trail with them to celebrate their anniversary together. So much can change in just a few years, so it was SO special being able to catch up with them while being totally wowed by our surroundings.

Practicing the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

While the wildflower meadows are breathtaking, and may make you want to frolic around like the Sound of Music, please never step off the trail or crush/pick the flowers for any reason. These ecosystems are fragile, and we all have a responsibility to do no harm when out enjoying these parks. There are easy ways to photograph & enjoy these landscapes without doing damage, which is why we are proud to be Leave No Trace Aware Certified Photographers.

For more information on the principles of Leave No trace, visit Leave No Trace: Center for Outdoor Ethics.

A big thank you to our friendors who helped make this night so special.

Van Rental: Cabana Vans

Faux Florals: Cascade Queen Designs

Dress: Lulus (Our favorite resource for trail friendly, packable and affordable wedding dresses. )


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