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So, what now? You may have always known a big, traditional wedding isn’t your cup of tea. Or perhaps the whirlwind of planning questions and expectations is getting you down, and you’re not sure if that old school celebration is resonating with you as much as you thought it would. What’s the alternative, then?
Let’s shift focus from the status quo and assess what you really want out of your day. Is it a beautiful location? More intimacy? A once-in-a-lifetime adventure?
Step one of attaining your dream wedding is identifying those values and experiences at the very top of your list, and throwing out the rule book on the rest. It's time to plan your day from start to finish, exactly how you want it.

So you’ve found your person and you’re ready to spend forever together…

All Day Adventure Elopements

We wholeheartedly believe an adventurous all day elopement is the most beautiful and personal way to say “I do”, and a decision that comes with perks a regular wedding may not provide. 

consider taking the road less traveled

How to Know if an Elopement is Right for You

intimate moments over formal affairs.
Big views over ballrooms.
New experiences over old traditions.

If you value...

This is your chance to plan something that checks all those boxes, and breaks the mold of what a wedding should look like.

Let's build an experience beyond your wildest expectations.
I encourage you to sit down with your partner and envision the most beautiful day you can think of. A day that includes your favorite activities, the most stunning setting you can imagine, and an experience that aligns with what you value most.
We take the time to get to know you, learn about everything you love to do together, and then use that to create your own customized and fully comprehensive elopement planning guide.  
You'll be set up with all the tools and tips you could ever need to truly seize the day and make your wedding your own.

Where do we even begin?

Planning Your Adventure Elopement

Manifesting The Adventure of a Lifetime

unlocking the possibilities of a full day elopement

Once you've identified the perfect where and when, we get to work helping you fill in the rest. Your elopement is the day you will think about every anniversary together. What kind of adventure will you be looking back on?

This could be an early morning wake up call to experience the vibrant colors of a mountain top sunrise. You could be reading your vows to each other as the alpenglow illuminates the peak, and the birds begin to sing. 

This could be a sweet ceremony in Zion valley, with your family around you to cheer you on. This could be the golden hour hike at sunset with incredible views, and a private dinner with your loved ones when you get back.

This could be a full-on back road adventure to a secluded and picturesque location all to your self. A day spent exploring and a night spent star-gazing.

Or it could be like nothing done before.
But we'll be with you every step on the way, and when all is said and done, you'll head home with beautiful memories and a gallery of images that will help you relive your day forever.

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First, we want to hear all about your dream elopement! We’ll set up a phone call and get to know each other. We’ll chat about your ideas and your day. It’s okay if you’re not totally sure of the details yet.

All you need is a date, a general location, and an open heart to move forward with booking. After that, our job is to help you define your perfect day. We’ll ask all sorts of questions meant to better understand both of you and what you envision. We’ll probably ask you to close your eyes and get lost in your daydreams for a while. Are you in the mountains? By the sea? Is there a summer breeze or a dusting of snow? Maybe your friends are there, maybe it’s just the two of you. Did you arrive by boat, helicopter, 4x4, or your own two feet? We want to know what defines your relationship and craft a day that is authentic to who you and your partner truly are.

All of these little details go into consideration as we put together a thoroughly detailed elopement guide just for you. Pages and pages of locations, vendors, lodging, tips and advice carefully written to help you choose the day that feels the most, you.

And once we’ve planned your perfect day together, all that’s left for you to do is LIVE IT! We’ll be there to cheer you on and capture every last moment for you to cherish forever.

You’ll receive a teaser gallery within just a few days, because we simply can’t wait for you to see everything! Your full high-resolution images with be delivered on a gorgeous online gallery, so you can easily share and download your images over and over.

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Let Your Mind Wander

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Perks of Eloping

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be very physically fit or do a lot of hiking for an adventure elopement?

Do we have to be very physically fit or do a lot of hiking for an adventure elopement?

Your elopement itinerary is specifically crafted to fit your comfort level - we’ll send you loads of options we think would fit based on our expertise of the area and let you decide which trail or location speaks to you most! 

If you’re looking for a hiking elopement with an epic view point, couples can expect an average of 2+ miles with varying degrees of difficulty for an all day elopement. We can take an easy stroll or plan a total backpacking adventure.

We don’t even have to hike at all if you prefer! There are gorgeous locations that are easily accessible, which makes them perfect to bring loved ones along as well.

Do we need to hire an officiant or other vendors?


There will always be two of us to act as your witnesses, but many states do require an officiant. We will be sure to include all elopement requirements for your chosen location in the custom guide, along with anything else you may need to know ahead of time. We can direct you to any other vendors you would like to incorporate into your day.

What happens if the weather is bad?

What happens if the weather is bad?

It’s important to note that epic photos and a beautiful experience aren’t limited to sunny days. We will always come prepared with backup plans in case we need to pivot to a secondary location, but we love to roll with the punches and embrace the fog, rain, clouds, and wind that come with an outdoor adventure. Plus, we both believe these can make for some totally dramatic images.

How many people can we bring along?

How many people can we bring along?

Some parks have permit guidelines for ceremonies that cap the number of people in attendance, so it’s best to plan for no more than 10 guests. This is of course a general guideline, and we will be sure to let you know if your chosen location can accommodate your desired guest count.

What does "Leave no Trace" Mean?

What does "leave no trace" mean?

We love sharing beautiful places with our couples, but this comes with a responsibility to protect the land and leave it as we found it. That way it will be available for future eloping couples and open for you to revisit on your anniversary not just in a year but for decades to follow!
Leave No Trace guidelines offer the best practices to care for and preserve the space we occupy while out on the trails, and are typically common sense and easy to follow!

How do we book you?

How do we book you?

All that is required to book is a date, a general location, and a non-refundable retainer of $1000. 
Make sure to read over the Info and Travel pages and then reach out to us for information on available dates and locations!

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