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6 Great Reasons to Elope Instead of Having a Big Wedding

January 22, 2021

Now more than ever, couples are considering small weddings and elopements. It can be a lot to think about, and it might be hard not to feel like a small wedding would be a compromise, so I wanted to share a few luxuries you get with an elopement or small wedding that you may not experience otherwise.

Date Flexibility

This is one of the ultimate perks – you’re not at the mercy of a wedding venue only booking on the weekends, and the availability of hundreds of guests. No worries about your location already being taken by another couple who beat you to the punch. Many couples specifically choose weekdays to avoid crowds in public spaces and parks.

Epic Lighting Conditions

Sunrise and sunset are at our complete disposal – no lengthy timelines and rushing around – we can take our time so you can actually soak in the day, and the view (By view, I mean the spectacular sight of your partner all dressed up and looking extra, extra fine). No more high noon outdoor ceremonies, phew. 

Flexible Investment

Take away the cost of a large venue, catering, DJ, and other vendors, and invest those savings into the details you care about most, or tuck it away for a rainy day. The beauty of eloping is that you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on all the other details – it’s a full DIY opportunity, or you can splurge on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure down to every last detail. Make the day your own with no expectations! 


You can’t march 150 guests through the woods to a hidden waterfall to say your vows, but 10 people? Now, that’s doable. And memorable. Let’s rent a cabin nearby and host a dinner celebration while we’re at it. It’s much easier to get a photo permit for small gatherings as well, which creates limitless potential for your location options.


If you’re like me, you’re not into being the center of attention. Celebrating with all your friends and family is awesome, but that many eyes on you can also add a lot of pressure to your day. Are you focused more on your guest’s experiences and opinions than on celebrating your own wedding? Does the idea of a four hour reception spent being pulled every which way by guests fighting for face time with the lucky couple stress you out? Do you have family members pushing you towards traditions that you aren’t all that thrilled about? Make this day about you, and your closest loved ones, and let the other distractions fall away.


The ultimate perk, in my opinion, is having the ability to plan a day entirely around what brings you joy. In the end, isn’t that all that matters? If hiking mountains are your thing, this is your day to do that. If you love the beach, the lakes, the woods, or the snow…this is where you’re meant to experience one of the most significant dates of your life. It’s a day to enjoy each other, experience something new together, and incorporate all the special things that are personal to you.

Now if you read this, and feel like you’d still miss the tradition, the dancing, and the company of everyone you know – elopements are not for everyone and that’s okay! This isn’t meant to discourage you from a big wedding, but just assess which parts of the day are essential! It’s hard to replicate the energy and extravagance of a full wedding day and it’s important that you plan your day the way YOU want.

Why us?

Elopements are a whole different beast when it comes to planning and execution, and we LOVE getting to take you on the ultimate adventure! This is a crafted-from-scratch experience designed specifically for you – We are there for you throughout the entire process and will be in constant communication! We will get to know each other well so we can learn your inspiration and make it into a reality – We can take you to the perfect location, get all necessary permitting squared away, and connect you with vendors specifically equipped to supply you with the exact service you’re looking for. Is there any other way you’d rather spend your day?


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