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Arizona Hiking Elopement to a Hidden Cave

November 16, 2021

Hi! We're Anna and Trevor.

We're big into hammocks, dim sum, and road trips.

We're a fun (and maybe a little dorky) couple of elopement photographers, traveling all over the country to help people get married in the most beautiful places mother nature has to offer.

We thrive with cameras in hand, and nothing resonates with us more than the intimacy & freedom of an elopement. We get that big events and old school traditions aren't for everyone, and that's totally cool! We're all about embracing our uniqueness and throwing tradition out the window.

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arizona hiking elopement

Adventure lovers, read on. This Arizona hiking elopement remains one of our favorite winter hikes to date.

We’re used to some pretty dreary winters in our home state, so getting to run around the red rocks of Sedona on a perfectly sunny 65 degree day in February felt like such a gift. Brie & Daniel are Arizona natives, climbers, and all around awesome people. They made this hike look like a piece of cake.

This 4.3 mile roundtrip hike took us along jeep trails, a massive sinkhole, and iconic Sedona landmarks. We met a DOG, had a quick outfit change, and then finally…a hidden cave tucked away in the red cliff walls. With a little bit of scrambling, we were able to climb into the cave and had the place to ourselves for a beautiful display of late evening light. It’s nights like this that remind us why we suggest Arizona for winter hiking adventures. Arizona is an adventure-lover’s playground with world-class hiking trails with views unlike anywhere else.

Sedona Arizona Hiking Elopement

Best time to Elope in Sedona, Arizona

There are a few factors to consider when planning your Arizona hiking elopement. Most important is deciding when to elope, as your experience each season can vary greatly! Our biggest deciding factor is crowd levels, since we prefer quieter experiences whenever possible.

Winter Elopement in Sedona

Welcome to the beautiful off season! Winter in Sedona is relatively mild compared to other parts of the state, and this is a much quieter time of year. The look of a little snow on the red rocks is awesome if you get lucky. If you don’t mind bringing layers, this would be a great choice for a more intimate Sedona experience.

Spring in Arizona

Most people say primetime in Sedona begins in March and April. Picture 70 degree days, cool nights, and flowering cacti everywhere. It’s honestly perfect, but since you won’t be the only ones there to enjoy it, I suggest visiting as early in springtime as possible. February and early March in Sedona is magical – what you miss in flowers you make up for in more privacy and cooler temperatures for those longer hikes.

Summertime in Arizona

I’m going to be honest, summer is not the time to enjoy all that Sedona can be. Flash flooding and intense heat are two factors you probably don’t want to be worrying about for your elopement, and sunset and sunrise are very busy times for hiking. If you do choose to visit Arizona in the summertime, I would stick with water activities over big hikes. Any big hikes should be done at sunrise before the heat of the day fully kicks in.

Fall in Arizona

September to November: Red rocks, cacti and stunning fall colors all coming together to create a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement. The temperature is mild and the town is somewhat quieter than peak season. There are plenty of activities and events going on too. Fall in Sedona feels magical after the intense summer heat.

Looking for more Arizona elopement information? We’d put together a helpful guide specifically for our favorite Arizona elopement destination, Sedona. Check out our Sedona Elopement Guide here!

Continue on for even more highlights from this epic little Arizona hike.


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